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Grand Army of the Republic

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Grand Army of the Republic, Brooklyn Post no. 368

3797-99 West 25th Street, Cleveland, Ohio


C.H. Griese[1]


Brooklyn Post No. 368 built their hall in 1889. The impressive structure was directly across from the Masonic Temple that was built on the west side of Pearl St. near Garden Ave. Established as a gathering place for Brooklyn Centre Civil War veterans and their auxiliary groups such as the Women's Relief Corps. which attended to widows and orphans. Per the Cleveland Leader:
Brooklyn's Memorial
A description of the Grand Army Hall to be Built by Brooklyn Post -- A Well Appointed Building.
The final details of the memorial hall to be erected by Brooklyn Post, G.A.R., in Brooklyn village, were decided upon yesterday. As is generally known the building will be upon a lot owned by the post and located on Pearl street, opposite Garden. The property has a frontage of 47 feet, and a depth of 208 feet. The dimensions of the building will be 38x86 feet. It will be two stories in height and will be constructed of brick with stone trimmings. The two corners of the structure in front will be of stone blocks and will be surmounted by eagles with outstretched wings. Above the roof will rise a rounded shield topped by a flagstaff and bearing the inscription: "1889. Brooklyn Post, No. 368. G.A.R. Memorial Hall." There will be two entrances, the principal one in the center, and a door at the side leading to one of the stairways. A balcony 4 by 10 feet will be constructed just over the main entrance. Double doors will lead to a commodious lobby with a check room and ticket office, and there will be two stairways to the second story of the building. The lower floor will be devoted to an auditorium 36x74 feet with a fourteen foot ceiling, having space for three hundred chairs. The stage will be 12x16 feet, with wings. It is proposed to use the auditorium for reunions and large village gatherings.
The stairways lead to a lobby on the second floor similar to the one on the ground floor and a broad corridor extend through the center of the building to the lodge-room. One the left will be a reading-room and library 14x20 feet and on the rights a curiosity and an ante-room by means of folding doors. The lodge room will be 36x54 feet with a sixteen foot ceiling a a slightly raised stage ten feet wide.
Prior to the Brooklyn Branch library moving into its permanent home on Mapledale Ave., it was located in one half of the lower floor of the GAR building, while a barbershop was in the other half. In 1934, Kroger's Grocery found a home here, too.
Additionally, various church groups found a temporary home here such as the Christian Science Church, Church of St. Phillip the Apostle, and the Mission Lutheran Church.

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