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Badar's store at left in 1964
Badar's store at left in 1964
A view of the building where Badar's used to be (corner of Denison Ave. and W.16th St.)
A view of the building where Badar's used to be (corner of Denison Ave. and W.16th St.)


John Badarzynski


1603 Denison Ave., Cleveland, Ohio
The property was purchased by the Badarzynski's in 1935.
Badar's was the small store next to Fred's Meat Market (Fred was his son). It offered kids from St. Barbara's and East Denison Elementary School a place to buy school supplies, candy, and ice cream.
As you entered the store, a gumball machine was the first thing encountered just left of the door. Inside the machine were the desireable striped gumball "winners" that got you a free 5 cent candy bar if you were lucky enough to get a winner for your penny.
Just behind the gumball machine was the candy counter with it's array of candy and gums, a partial list of which appears just below.

Some of the Candy and Gum sold at Badar's
Atomic Fireballs
Bit O’Honey
Black Taffy
Boston Baked Beans
Bulls Eye’s Caramel Creams
Candy Buttons
Candy Cigarettes
Candy Dots
Candy Necklace
Charms Squares
Charms Sweet & Sour Pops
Cherry Heads
Chick O Stick Nuggets
Coconut Bar
Coconut watermelon slices
Flying saucers
Fun Dip
Good and Plenty
Gum - Teaberry
Gum - Blackjack
Gum - Clove
Gum - Juicy Fruit
Gum - Beeman's
Gum - Beechnut
Gum - Bazooka
Gum - Cigarettes
Gum - Cigars
Gum - Fruit Stripe
Hot Tamales
Laffy Taffy
Licorice Pipe
Licorice Sticks (black & red)
Mike & Ikes
Necco Assorted Wafers
Now & Laters
Pearson’s Salted Nut Roll
Pixy Stick
Pop Rocks
Red Hots
Rock Candy Crystal Stick
Rock Candy Crystals in a box
Root Beer Barrels
Salt Water Taffy
Sen Sen
Slo Poke
Smith Brothers coughdrops
Sugar Daddy
Tootsie Rolls
Wax Bottles
Wax Lips
Wax Mustache
Wax Teeth

Across the aisle the students could buy pencils, fountain pens, 10 cent bottles of ink, notebook paper, and other supplies.
The store also had a small soda fountain towards the back where you could enjoy milkshakes, sodas, Boston coolers, phosphates, and banana splits.
John Badarzynski died in 1961. With both schools closing down, the business might not have survived very much longer, anyway.

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