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Brookside Park Zoo

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Brookside Park sits on land formerly owned by ______ Brainard, along Big Creek. Originally, created in 1894, by 1897 it was being called Brooklyn Park, and by 1908, it had become the home of the Cleveland Zoo which had been moved from Wade Park.

The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo now covers 165 acres.


In August of 1972, there were many reports of a Bigfoot sighting. The fear in the surrounding neighborhoods was more that one of the wild animals had escaped and was roaming free through the woods that bordered the zoo.

A monster animal at least 7’ tall and weighting in the vicinity of 350 pounds, was seen in the neighborhood of Brookside Park. Patrolman Richard Brindza of the Cleveland Police Department reported that a clump of bushes behind a fence in this area had been crushed as though a large animal had trudged clumsily through it. Wayne Lewis a witness told the Toledo Blade reporters that upon seeing the creature, he ran into his house to get a shotgun, but when he returned it had vanished.

"A Bigfoot reportedly knocked William Schwark down a slope on April 22nd 1968."

The above quotes need attribution.


On the bluff just below the Denison Avenue and Fulton Avenue intersection, a large amphitheater had been built. These concrete bleachers were once visited by some 115,000 baseball fans eager to see the World Amateur Baseball Championships between their hometown, Cleveland White Auto, team versus the Luxus team out of Omaha, Nebraska. The final game was held on October 10, 1915 with the White Auto team coming out victorius, to the delight of the fans.

Surprisingly, this was not the only game that drew such a large crowd.

Steam Engine

For many years an old steam locomotive sat on part of the park. A C&O 2707 (2-8-4). ALCO '43

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