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Denison Cemetery

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On Garden Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44109-2301. Part of original township lots #65.


304.5 feet

Total area:

1.25 acres (parcel 008-24-062)

Purchased from:

Ebenezer Fish, Jr. by the Brooklyn School District Nine in 1836.

Also Known As:

"Brooklyn Centre Burying Ground"

Ebenezer owned in total, 79 acres of Original Lot 65 (Township 7, Range 13) on the northern side of Newburgh Street (now known as Denison Avenue) which he bought in 1818.

The cemetery is hemmed in by houses on two sides and an apartment complex on the fourth. A wrought iron fence encircles the graveyard with the entrance, on Garden Avenue, consisting of a gate over two or three small stone steps. The property is slightly wider at the western end than the eastern.

A listing of the cemetery's burials was created by Michele Danielle and can be found on her website at Burials at Denison Cemetery

Also, here is a link to an index and the original Internment Register

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