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Grand Army of the Republic

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Grand Army of the Republic, Brooklyn Post no. 368

3797-99 West 25th Street, Cleveland, Ohio


C.H. Griese[1]


Established as a gathering place for Brooklyn Centre Civil War veterans and their auxiliary groups such as the Women's Relief Corps. which attended to widows and orphans.
Prior to the Brooklyn Branch library moving into its permanent home on Mapledale Ave., it was located in one half of the lower floor of the GAR building, while a barbershop was in the other half. In 1934, Kroger's Grocery found a home here, too.
Additionally, various church groups found a temporary home here such as the Christian Science Church, Church of St. Phillip the Apostle, and the Mission Lutheran Church.

  1. The New G.A.R. Hall, Cleveland Plain Dealer, April 4, 1889, col. 7
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