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Marshall Drug Store

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3838 West 25th St., Cleveland, Ohio


Marshall Drug Store was one of a chain of stores owned by Wentworth G. Marshall (later by his son, Wentworth J.) The store was part of the Mayer-Marks building.
The location on the southwest corner of Denison and W.25th St. was an ideal position to garner patrons that either were going in or out of the Denison Square Theater or were waiting for the #18 Denison Ave. bus.
The front doorway was set at an angle to allow for easy access from either side. The entranceway was set with small hexagonal black and white tiles that spelled out the name of the store. The interior was quite narrow, allowing for cigarette/cigar case to your right as you entered, followed by a soda bar and fountain that probably only had a half dozen or so seats. Immediately past this was a doorway exiting to Denison. At the back of the store were a couple of phone booths. In those days, a booth had a small round seat that was attached to one wall and folding wood and glass doors. The phones were black rectangular boxes that accepted coinage. The wood framework was very dark. Along the southern wall, I can only recall a magazine rack roughly across from the soda fountain, and nearer to the front a cosmetics counter.
The building is no longer in existance.

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