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The following film was shot in 1925 at the time of the dedication of St. Barbara's Elementary School which had just opened at it's location on Denison Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio. The professional photographer was hired and paid for by Joseph Wojnarowski.

The film was donated to the Church by the Wojnarowski family. Joe Warner (Wojnarowski) graciously gave his permission for the film to be used on this site.

The full length of the film is 12 minutes. It takes a moment to get started, so please be patient. There is NO sound.

There are some things to note about the film itself and the content.

  • First of all, the film had seriously deteriorated by the time it was transferred to videotape. Consequently, parts of the image are terribly washed out, eliminating so much detail that faces cannot be made out.
  • Secondly, the film consists of several parts:
  1. Opening Day, Sept. 1925
  2. Children leaving school for first recess period
  3. The girls at play during recess time (shows back of school and extension containing the church)
  4. Dedication of St. Barbara's School October 11, 1925 -- The Parade Societies and 200 School Children
  5. The Procession to the School Building
  6. Blessing the Entrance
  7. Committee Members (Komitet Parfialny: W. Gut, S. Cielec, S. Chmura, M. Wowowiec)
  8. Committee Members (Komitet Budowy Szkoly: J. Wojnarowski, S. Kwiatek, M. Chmura, F. Krupa)
  9. Altar Boys

Things of interest: Denison Ave. is already paved; early automobiles; every girl has nearly the same hairdo; the store on the corner of W.16th St. that was to become Fred's Meat Market; there is a scene where the camera is panning to the left and allows us a view of the old hall that once existed on the location the present church structure lies..

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