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Park Place

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Post-1906 name:

West 18th Street then returned to Park Place
Due to numerous problems with mail delivery, the residents of this very short street decided to ask if the street name could be changed. Councilman Jim Rokakis presented the proposal to City Council and permission was granted to return the street to its original name, Park Place.

Pre-1906 name:

Ellis Place


Short street at the eastern end of Forestdale Ave. and Willowdale Ave.


See the Curtiss, Foster, and Sprague page for details about early ownership of this aread and the later subdivision into lots for housing.

Named for:

I suspect that, if some of the early deeds for the development known as the Park Addition are any indication, the filled in ravine was set aside as a park area. Park Place, then, would have led north from this park.

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