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Polish Names

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In the late 1800's and early 1900's, Polish families tended to use a narrow choice of given names to give to their new offspring.

Sometimes, when viewing the census it isn't always easy to determine what a transcribed name might be. This list of common given names may help guide you. The names are first given in their American form and then the Polish spelling.


  • Agatha
  • Alexandra
  • Angela
  • Anna (Aniela)
  • Bertha
  • Bernice (Bronislawa)
  • Celia or Cecilia
  • Frances (Franceszka)
  • Genevieve (Genowefa)
  • Hedwig (Jadwiga)
  • Helen (Helena)
  • Jesse (Czeslawa)
  • Josephine (Jozefa)
  • Katherine (Katarzyna)
  • Kunegunda
  • Lottie (Ladislawa)
  • Magdelina
  • Maria (Marya)
  • Pauline (Apolonia)
  • Rose (Rozalia)
  • Sophia (Zofia)
  • Stella (Stanislawa)
  • Stephanie (Stephania or Stanislawa)
  • Valerie (Valeria)
  • Victoria (Wyktoria)


  • Albert (Wojciech)
  • Andrew (Andrzej)
  • Anthony (Anton or Antoni)
  • Basil (Bazyli or Wasyl)
  • Benny (Boleslaw)
  • Benedict (Benedykt)
  • Bernard
  • Blaise (Blazej)
  • Casimer (Kazimierz)
  • Caspar
  • Chester (Czeslaw or Czeslaus)
  • Clement (Klemens)
  • Felix (Feliks)
  • Frank or Francis (Franciszek)
  • George (Wojciech)
  • Jacob (Jakub)
  • John (Jan)
  • Joseph (Jozef)
  • Lawrence (Wawrzeniec)
  • Louis (Ludwig or Ludwik)
  • Martin (Marcin)
  • Matthew (Maciej, Mateusz)
  • Michael (Michal)
  • Paul (Pawel)
  • Peter (Piotr)
  • Phillip (Felix, Filip)
  • Stanley (Stanislaw)
  • Stephen (Szczepan)
  • Sylvester (Sylwester)
  • Ted or Thaddeus (Tadeusz)
  • Thomas (Tomasz)
  • Valentine (Walenty)
  • Walter (Wladislaw)
  • Vincent (Wincenty)


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