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Samosky's Bakery

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Owner: Frank Samosky (1907-1965)

Location: 1414 Denison Ave.

Opened about 1940, the bakery was located next to Wesolowski's barbershop just east of the Kilroy house. A long driveway ran alongside the building, with a side entrance into the bakery. I can't recall the store front ever in use during the 1950's. I always wondered why they closed up the store front but I guess the baker probably didn't make enough profits to hire extra help and Frank and his wife didn't have any children.

When you entered through the side door, the room seemed huge. On the right side were tables and racks with the newly baked goods. Straight ahead were long wooden tables/counters where the bread dough was being kneaded and the raw doughnuts, rolls, and breads were rising. And on the left were the brick ovens built into the wall. The baker had long handled paddles that he used to insert the bread dough into the ovens and then to later pull them out.

Walking home with a warm loaf of bread on a beautiful summer night and munching on the rye bread heel is one of my fondest childhood memories.

Frank was the son of August Samosky who ran a bakery on Fleet Avenue.

This location was probably the site of another bakery prior to Samosky's, though in 1936 William Kardas ran a grocery here.

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