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DEVELOPMENT: Ebenezer Foster Heirs

This small concrete block building at 3727 West 13th St. was initially owned by butcher, Ludwig Kapusta. After owning this property for about 6 years, Ludwig later sold the property and started his store on the corner of West 14th and Redman Avenue. We do not know if Ludwig actually ran a store at the West 13th St. location, but it is very likely that he would need to in order to support his growing family and earn enough money to buy the West 14th location and build a house next door.
The next owner was Star Producing (President, J.A. Saunders; Vice-President, C.M. Root; Secretary, A.S. McClintock). It's unclear what business they were in but it may have been meat packing. They didn't stay at this property long, either. By 1916, they sold it to a man named Albert Zdzieblo.
For whatever reason, this site must have proved unsuitable for commercial use and became a private residence.

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