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The Cuyahogan

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Harry M. Farnsworth


1821 Pearl Street (old style addressing - this location would now be considered as being on West 25th Street)
In 1884, the newspaper office moved [1] to the second story above the Carl Schmidt new drug store on Pearl Street.


This local community newspaper, serving the Brooklyn Village area, was published by Harry M. Farnsworth. Established in 1881, the Cuyahogan was the succesor of The Town Crier. The page format was approximately 15" x 22". Circulation was as high as 3,500 in 1899.
W.I. Davenny of Detroit served as editor some time prior to October 1887. Another editor was F.H. Braggins, who served some time in jail for forgery.[2]
Later owned and operated by Alonzo E. Hyre who purchased the paper from a Mr. Beachler in January 1889[3].


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