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Jennings Avenue

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Named for:

Named for John Giles Jennings (1825-1896), Treasurer for the Lamson-Sessions Company and agent of the State of Ohio for the Mutual Life Insurance Company, of New York.

Post-1906 name:

The northern portion of Jennings Avenue was renamed in 1906 to West 14th Street. Many fine, stately homes lined the street. The southern portion was of a more industrial nature.


Jennings Avenue runs along the valley just west of the Cuyahoga River, starting at the West 14th St. at the top of the hill, past Riverside Cemetery and then Mill Creek where a short distance later, it terminates and becomes Valley Rd.


Except for a few houses on the west side of the street just north of the Denison Ave. hill, the only development along Jennings Avenue was industrial. Two taverns served the area: Zeleznik's and Zuzek's Steak House.

The Jennings Freeway was officially finished on December 8, 1998 and dedicated at 11:00 AM.


From Jennings Freeway, An Historic Route to Cleveland's Past by the Cuyahoga County Engineer's Department

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