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1883 Atlas

1883 Brooklyn Centre, Ohio
1883 Brooklyn Centre, Ohio
This map shows property owners along Newburgh Street (modern day Denison Avenue) and along Pearl St. (modern day West 25th St.). This represents all of original Lot 74 and the eastern half of Lot 65.
Ebenezer Foster is still alive at this time (1883) and the family has not yet started development on what was to become West 13th St., West 14th St., and Redman Avenue.
Grand Army Court, now known as Garden Avenue, did not yet extend completely to West 23rd Place.
See the Property Developers page for more specific information.

Foster Developments

Foster development
Foster development
The Foster Developments shown in the map at the right were originally all part of Ebenezer Foster's farm.
Ebenezer began to develop the area in 1891 with the first sales made along Redman Avenue. Prior to that, however, around 1867 he sold or gave land to his two sons, George Foster and Leonard G. Foster. Leonard received the land on the east and west sides of West 15th St.. George received land on the west side of West 14th St. and the portion of Redman Avenue between West 14th and West 15th.

Petty and Baldwin Development

The first map shows the entire Petty and Baldwin tract which extended from Denison Avenue at the north to Big Creek at the south. The map shows the property as it existed prior to the Harvard-Denison Bridge, which lopped off the upper corners of lots PB01, PB02 and PB03.| Petty and Baldwin tract
Petty and Baldwin tract
The second property map shows all the lot numbers and house outlines for the Petty and Baldwin Allotment which comprises West 14th St., Botany Avenue, and West 15th St. on the south side of Denison Avenue.| Petty and Baldwin allotment

Petty and Baldwin allotment

Curtiss-Ambler Development

The Curtiss Ambler development can be seen in the Petty and Baldwin map above.

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