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Moses Fish

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Moses Fish was the fifth of 10 children born to Ebenezer Fish Sr. and Lydia Fish. His birth took place 25 Oct 1789 in Groton, New London, Connecticut. He was the brother of Ebenezer Fish, Jr.


"In the fall of 1811, James Fish, his wife, two children, Mrs. STANTON, his wife's mother, and Moses FISH, his cousin, moved in an ox team to Ohio and stopped at Newburg. Brooklyn at this time was a wild forest full of the red man, the township had been surveyed and run into quarter sections by agents who lived in Connecticut. James and Moses FISH thought they would look at these lands. James selected a good piece and Moses selected a quarter section. James built a log cabin and his family moved into it, but becoming frightened by Indians, went back to Newburg. Other families coming, they moved again to Brooklyn. Moses wrote to his brother Ebenezer, in Connecticut, to come and take one-half his land, which he did. A road (now Denison avenue) was run from Newburg to Rockport, which divided the property of the FISHES. They built a log cabin, in which they lived till the war of 1812. Ebenezer enlisted for six months and came out with honors. Afterward Moses was drafted. His health being poor, Ebenezer took his place and served the remainder of the war. He went back to Connecticut, married Miss Johanna STANTON, a smart, worthy woman who, on hearing of his Ohio farm, proposed moving there. Accordingly in 1818, with their two children, Eliza and Emily (afterwards Mrs. CORBIN and Mrs. BOOTH), his two brothers, and their families came in a large wagon drawn by two yoke of oxen. They all built and lived in log cabins. "

--"Memorial To The Pioneer Women Of The Western Reserve"


Moses had been drafted in the Ohio Militia for the War of 1812 and had a rank of Private in Captain DeLanne Mills' Company, but his health was poor. His brother, Ebenezer volunteered to take his place and fulfill Moses' servitude. [1]


Moses married Elizabeth Brainard, daughter of Capt. Ozias Brainard and his wife Elizabeth Young, on 10 May 1814. Together, they had five children: Eunice, Bethuel, Ozias, Daniel, and Levi. Just a year after Levi was born, Elizabeth died leaving Moses with five very young children to take care of. By the following year, Moses took Harriet Chester as his wife. Harriet was a family friend from back in Connecticut. With Harriet, Moses had an additional seven children: Jeanette, Harriet, Moses, Lorenzo, William, Henry, and George.
After Moses and his 2nd wife Harriet died in 1840, Alex Ingham (Moses' brother-in-law; spouse of Moses' sister, Lydia Fish)was awarded guardianship over their minor orphan children[2]


Ebenezer FISH Jr. and his brother, Moses settled on Original Lot 65, Township 7, Range 13. The area that now surrounds the intersection of West 25th St. (Pearl Road) and Denison Avenue. Ebenezer owned the land north of Denison and Moses owned the land south of Denison.
Moses was the first to lay out village plots from his section of Original Lot 65 and sell them. When his parents moved from Connecticut, he gave them 8 acres located at the southeast corner of Lot 65 [3] Moses farmed the rest of his land.


Moses died 14 Apr 1840 in Brooklyn Village, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. He is buried in Denison Cemetery in Section 2, Lot 43 (on Garden Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio).


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  3. The location of the land given to his parents is approximately halfway down West 22nd Street between Kenneth Avenue and Calgary Avenue. Ebenezer Sr. bought an additional parcel of land just south of the 8 acres from William and Catherine Fuller.

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