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The mid to late 1800's were a time of land speculation and development as the original settlers started dying off and their heirs sold off the land.

Western Reserve Lot 65 was settled by Moses and Ebenezer Fish. 
Lot 74 was mostly owned by Ebenezer Foster and his brother, Daniel C. Foster. 
Their mother, Lydia Fish, was the sister of Moses and Ebenezer Fish.
So some form of their extended family owned most of the land along
Denison Avenue from about West 36th St. eastward to the Cuyahoga River.

  • Curtis, Ambler, and Pixley
Owners, Joseph Curtis, William E. Ambler, and Leonard Pixley
  • Curtis-Ambler Realty
Owners, William E. Ambler and Joseph Curtis
Biographical sketch for Judge William E. Ambler
  • Edwin H. Foster
  • Gates and Foster
  • Gates, Curtis, and Foster
Owners, Howard C. Gates, Joseph Curtis, and Edwin H. Foster
  • Leonard G. Foster
  • Leonard Pixley
  • Petty and Baldwin
Owners, Charles H. Petty and T.C. Baldwin
Purchased land bounded by Denison Avenue on the north, the east side of West 16th St, Botany Avenue on the south, and the west side of West 14th St
  • W. Mallo
Owner, William R. Mallo
Purchased property in 1891 along Botany Avenue from Charles Burnside.
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