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August W. Stadler

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Ausust W. Stadler (1856-1913)


298 Denison Ave. (old style addressing)


August W. Stadler was a German immigrant and owner of the Cuyahoga Soap and Rendering Co.. His brothers, John L. and Henry, owned J.L. & H. Stadler Rendering and Fertilizer Co. which was just a short distance from August's firm.
His father, Ludwig (Louis), operated a soap factory also known as Cuyahoga Soap Co. out of a building that was located in a gully just west of West 25th St. near Mapledale Avenue. The father died at 56 in 1884 by which time that gully had probably already been filled in, leveled out, and houses built on the newly created lots.
August lived at 1422 Denison Ave. He purchased 11 lots (LF01 thru LF11) in 1884 from Leonard G. Foster and thus was the first to buy into Foster's allotment.
The large house was at the corner of West 15th St. and Denison. To the rear of the house, August had horse stables, a corn crib, and a wagon shed. At the curb, a rectangular slab of stone for easy entrance and exit from horsedrawn carriages.
This home was to later house a Funeral Parlor operated by Benjamin Konarski. By the 1950's, it was called "Kilroy's", though the kids in the neighborhood had hardly any idea why. If you happened to be walking by the house, chances are you'd see a chalk drawing on the sidewalk with the caption "Kilroy was here" which was a popular saying. The actual fact is that there really was a Kilroy living there by the name of John Henry Kilroy, who had purchased the home from his aforementioned brother-in-law, Benjamin Konarski.
Prior to Benjamin's purchase of this residence, it was briefly owned by Anna Owczarczak. Anna may have been the wife of Frank Owczarczak, a bartender (per the 1910 Census). Frank and Anna may have divorced by 1920. By that year, there is a Frank living on E.106th St. The only thing to connect him is that his occupation is listed as restaurant manager.
The house was subsequently torn down during the 1960's for the Jennings Freeway.
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