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St. Barbara Church Album

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The following photographs were taken on Dec 1, 2007 by Sandra Wanicki Rozhon and Lahni Rozhon Moore.

This gallery is an attempt to preserve our neighborhood heritage for generations to come by creating a pictorial record of what our church looks like, inside and out.

When we took our pictures, we made a conscious effort to include nearly every detail, no matter how small. Therefore, this project goes beyond the usual and expected. We hope you enjoy exploring all the features of St. Barbara's as much as we did.

Today's church is absent the smell of newly cut/worked wood that it had upon opening in 1952. Likewise, the smell of burning candles isn't as dominant as it once was. The photographs hardly notice things like that, though.

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In some cases, below the larger view, there is a link for the full sized image.

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Stained Glass Windows




Stations of the Cross

Wall below Choir

East Wall

West Wall

Ceiling Detail

Above the Altar, one can see paintings in each corner of the vaulted ceiling. These images -- a man, lion, ox, and eagle -- are representations of not only a passage from Ezekiel, but also of the tradition of the gospels written by the four apostles. Matthew is represented by a man or angel. Mark by a Lion. Luke by an Ox. John by an Eagle.

"As for the appearance of their faces:
the four had the face of a HUMAN being, the face of a LION on the right side,
the face of an OX on the left side, and the face of an EAGLE"
----------------------Ezekiel 1:10----------------------

The main vaulted ceiling, over the Nave (pew area), was originally painted sky blue with clouds. In later years, it was painted over with just plain white.


Downstairs Hall

Old Church

The old church (3rd church) was located behind the school building on Denison Ave. After the new church was built on the corner, the space was used as a gymnasium.

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