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Original Lot 65

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North Half of Lot 65:

The north half of Original Lot #65 (that portion north of present day Denison Avenue) was purchased in 1818 from Samuel, George, and Richard Lord by Ebenezer Fish. The amount of land in this purchase covered about 79 acres.
When Ebenezer and his brother, Moses, arrived in Ohio they wintered over with Youngs Ledyard Morgan in Newburgh until they could make their way to their land on the west side of the Cuyahoga River. What they would have found when they finally got there was a dense forest that would require a great deal of labor to clear enough area to build a log cabin and to do any farming. It was a life filled with hardship and few resources other than what the two brothers could provide on their own.
The family of James Fish, Ebenezer's cousin, lived in a log cabin just north of Ebenezer's northern boundary where the Christian Science Church sits on a little hill at the corner of Mapledale and [Pearl St.|West 25th Street]]. They had arrived in 1812. By 1822, Michael B. Foster brought his family from Connecticut and settled on Original Lot 74 just east of the Fish property. Michael was married to Ebenezer's sister, Abigail Fish, so family was nearby for companionship and support when needed. Michael had settled on land purchased from Capt. Ozias Brainard. Ozias' daughter, Elizabeth, was the spouse of Moses Fish, so yet more family in the area.
Ebenezer farmed his land for several years after his return from military service and later started selling off property along Pearl St. for commercial development.
When he reached retirement age, he sold off land from the western portion in 1854 to Betts and Bibbins for residential development, and began transfering ownership of the eastern portion to his son, John Stanton Fish. The last known transaction is dated September 1876 just a few years before Ebenezer died.

South Half of Lot 65:

The area south of Denison was purchased by Ebenezer's brother, Moses. This part of Lot 65 extended down into the valley of Big Creek. Moses was the first to create some lots to sell along West 25th Street and Denison Avenue.

Property Developers

LOT 64:
Hanna EstateStewart Land Company

LOT 65:

Betts and BibbinsFuller, Kain, and KroehleFish-SchneiderMoses FishJacob Schneider

LOT 74:

Consolidated Oyster PackingCurtis, Ambler, and PixleyCurtis-Ambler RealtyCurtiss, Foster, and SpragueEbenezer Foster HeirsEdwin H. FosterGates and FosterGates, Curtis, and Foster K,L,&J (Kroehle, Luce, & Jenman)Kees and BruchLeonard G. FosterLeonard PixleyPetty and BaldwinSprankle RealtyWilliam Mallo

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